3 Silk Necktie Christmas Gifts for Men

If you're looking for unique Christmas gifts for men, then you've come to the right place! Discover these 3 silk neckties that make the best Christmas gifts for men.

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Silk Necktie Art by Francois Ducas

Blue Silk Designer Ties Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong
Know someone who love ties and guitars? Get them this men's silk necktie this Christmas. The artwork is by Francois Ducas. Ducas's art tells his story and passion for the world of television and the lives of rock stars.

Silk Necktie Art by Martial Le-Bras

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This unique silk necktie is the ideal Christmas gift for men who love bikes. The artist of this bike design is Martial Le-Bras. Les Impatients dedicated an entire exhibit to display his collection of watercolor paintings depicting scenes from the Old Testament.

Silk Necktie Art by Sergio Larenas

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This men's silk necktie will go well with any suit. The artist Sergio Larenas often makes what he calls fragmented artworks. Sometimes he incorporates writing in between the paint blobs.

Christmas Gift Ideas and Silk Fashion Accessory Bundles

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Many of our silk neckties incorporate the same artworks that are on other mulberry silk fashion accessories. Click here to be inspired by our collection of matching silk fashion accessories.

A Necktie that Speaks to the Heart

Nathon Kong creates artworks our customers can connect to emotionally. Our current collection of silk neckties incorporates the artworks of artists with a mental health problem and allows them to tell their story through art. As Nathon Kong is dedicated to supporting the community, we donate 10% of the profits made from silk neckties to Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that supports these artists with therapeutic art programs. 

Men's Pink Silk Ties with Unique Silk Art Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong
Silk neckties are made in limited edition (only 100 of each art piece) and come in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity that tells the art piece's edition number and the story of the artist who created the art work. 
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