Art Exhibitions Montreal: Parle-moi d'Amour

Looking for a unique art exhibition in Montreal? Les Impatients is holding their yearly Parle-moi d'Amour exhibition and auction! Discover everything you need to know about Les Impatients and this special event.

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About Les Impatients

Les Impatients Art Workshop Montreal | Nathon Kong

Les Impatients is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for mental health and Montreal art. They hold therapeutic art classes in painting, sculpture, and music for people in mental health recovery. These Montreal artist are given a medium to express their story and emotions through art. Montreal Artworks and Exhibits | Nathon Kong

What is Parle-moi d'Amour?

Parle-moi d'Amour is a Montreal art exhibition which Les Impatients holds every year. At the exhibition, artworks created during Les Impatients workshops are auctioned as a fundraiser so Les Impatients can acquire art supplies and resources for the artists they support. 

Where is the Parle-moi d'Amour Exhibition this Year?

Les Impatients Art Exhibition | Nathon Kong 

This year, due to the new context of COVID-19, Parle-moi d'Amour is holding its auction and exhibition online. Click here to discover the online art exhibition and auction in Montreal.

Sculpture Auction in Montreal | Nathon Kong 

You can also make an appointment to visit the exhibition in person. The exhibition is located at 100 Sherbrooke Street East in Montreal on the 4th floor.

When does Parle-moi d'Amour End?

The auction closes on October 29th, at 8:00 PM. Click here to visit the online auction or make an in person appointment.

Wear the Art of Les Impatients

Nathon Kong collaborates with Les Impatients to incorporate limited edition artworks with silk fashion accessories. Each of these unique art pieces tells the story of an artist's journey to mental health recovery. We donate 10% of the proceeds from the sales from silk fashion accessories to Les Impatients so they can continue to support these artists.

Pink Silk Necktie for Men Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Each silk fashion accessory comes in a unique gift box and with a certificate of authenticity detailing the art piece's edition number and the story of the artist who created the piece.

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