Let's Talk About Mental Health | Patrice Brisebois Shares His Story

As a professional athlete, I've always been in the eye of the public which brings a lot of pressure - coming from the organization, the coaches, my teammates, and the public at large.

My career as a hockey player has allowed me to live highs, as well as lows. This has had a significant effect on my mental health. Thanks to the professional help, and support from my family and friends, I made it through. Let's talk about it.

- Patrice Brisebois @ Patrice Brisebois 71

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A covered mouth refers to silence. On the contrary, it's a mask that encourages speaking. We need to destigmatize mental health, a problem that affects each of us. Mental illness does not discriminate by race, age, gender or any other demographic trait. No one is safe. Many suffer in silence.

Mindful Art x Mental Health highlights art and encourages conversation about mental health. Masks are a canvas for unique artwork by Les Impatients artists / patients, a local nonprofit organization. Each piece tells the story of an artist struggling with mental health issues, sharing his journey to recovery through the power of creative expression. 10 % of all proceeds are donated to the community to support and raise awareness of mental health. We need to gather as a community to normalize mental health discussions, dispel stigma and support those living with mental health issues. By sharing a thought or story, your voice can open the discussion and a door to help someone fight.

Nathon Kong creates art pieces with a purpose: to make clothing you connect to emotionally, to raise awareness for mental health, and to give back to the community.

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