What are the Best Breathable Face Mask? Nathon Kong Silk Mask

For many people, the reason why they don't want to wear a face mask is because they have a hard time breathing through it. This doesn't, and shouldn't, be the case.

Many doctors like Dr. Sébastien Préville-Ratelle recommend a breathable face mask so that your breath filters through the fabric rather than escaping around the sides.

Why Nathon Kong Masks are the Best for Breathing and Protection

Nathon Kong face masks are made out of a combination of mulberry silk and premium cotton. Both silk and cotton are light and flexible materials that are easy to breath through.

Silk is resistant to moisture absorption. This keeps breath and sweat from resting on your face and prevents your face from becoming irritated while wearing the mask. You should buy a silk face mask if you have sensitive skin

Luxury Blue Silk Mask with Design | Nathon Kong

Because a silk face mask is comfortable to wear, you not have to touch your face to adjust it, protecting you from exposure to COVID-19.

Buy the Best Breathable Face Mask Online

When you buy a Nathon Kong Face Mask, 10% of all proceeds are donated to Les Impatients. Les Impatients is a non-profit organization which supports artists suffering from mental health issues. When you wear a Nathon Kong mask, you raise awareness for mental health and carry the story of an artist's journey to recovery.

Where to Buy a Breathable Face Mask | Nathon Kong

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