Willy Beauvais was born in 1970 in Loches, France. He earned a certificate in visual arts and has participated in many workshops held by Les Impatients since 1992. He enjoys the workshops as they allow him to rediscover the pleasures of creating art.

Many of his drawings involve the same character: a figure with sunken eyes and disheveled hair. His paintings often make use of green and blue shading to add the air of mystery that is a hallmark of his works.

Willy also expresses himself musically in addition to being a visual artist. He is part of Big Bang Band, a group which makes up Les Impatients’ music workshop and participates in the concert held by the organization. Willy takes part in this concert every year. He’s been a singer-songwriter for thirty years and has produced over fifty short albums and one thousand eight-hundred songs. His work can be found on Bandcamp under the name “Willy Noise.”

To find more about the non-profit organization Les Impatients who support the artists through therapeutic art programs, visit the website here.