How You Can Get Made to Measure Jeans

If you're tired of wearing jeans that are too loose or too tight, then getting made to measure jeans can be the solution for you.

Made to Measure Jeans in Montreal | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Made to measure Jeans might be the solution for you

It is absolutely possible to get a pair of made to measure jeans right here in Montreal. But first, let's address some questions you can have on the subject.


Where to Book an Appointment for Jeans Made to Measure Online? | Nathon Kong


What are Bespoke Jeans?

Bespoke jeans are almost exactly like other bespoke items. They are jeans that are designed by a tailor not to have a lot of fabric under the seam so the jeans fit you perfectly without any of the bagginess or tightness you can experience in an off the rack jean.

Bespoke jeans can be tough to make. Because there isn't extra fabric under the seam, it can't be undone to lengthen the pant leg if it is too short. A tailor therefore can't take them in either. To make bespoke jeans, a tailor has to get their measurements right the first time around or else start again from the beginning.

Are Custom Jeans Worth it?

Custom Jeans for Men | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Are custom jeans worth it?

Whether or not you need to get yourself a pair of custom jeans can come down to what you want from your jeans.

You can definitely consider getting a pair of custom jeans if the jeans you get off the rack don't seem to fit right. There are thousands of people making jeans. It's not likely you'll find the jeans that fit right for you.

Can You Get Custom Fit Jeans | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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Some tailors offer services for altering your off the rack jeans so they fit like bespoke jeans, but its hard to get these pants just right. There are somethings that tailors just can't do.

Bringing your jeans to a tailor to be altered can also take a lot more time than getting a custom jean. When most tailors measure you for custom jeans, they will save your measurements so they can make your jeans again should you want more pairs.

Custom Made Jeans in Montreal | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

 Tailors save your measurements for when you want another pair of custom jeans

Custom jeans are also worth it if you have particular tastes. If you have legs of a particular type so that it's hard to buy jeans for them (it can happen), you prefer a specific fabric, or want a certain pocket style, it might be worth it to get a custom jean.

Wearing made to measure jeans for work while being professional or for events, jeans are perfect in all circumstances. 

Where to Book an Appointment for Made to Measure Jeans Online | Nathon Kong

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