The Mental Health Crisis Caused by COVID-19 Quarantine

Nearly five people have died in British Columbia every day of drug overdoses since the province entered quarantine. There is no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has made a lasting impact on our world and our lives. One aspect of the pandemic that has touched all of us is quarantine. Even the most introverted of us are feeling the stresses that come with self-isolation, and many are finding themselves struggling with their mental health.

The Need for Purpose and Distraction

Why we Need a Purpose | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

COVID-19 has disrupted everyone's life. Some have been more dramatically effected than others. Psychologists say we are social creatures. Everything about us was designed to be with groups of people. When we are missing connection with others, it can lead to mental health troubles such as anxiety and depression.

Why are Humans Social Creatures | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

For many, COVID-19 quarantines have disrupted their goals. We need purpose in order to live happy lives and sustain our mental health. The quarantine has put many dreams on hold. Others are struggling to keep their dreams alive in this turbulent market, from nonprofit organizations to small businesses to restaurants.

How to Manage Your Business during COVID-19 | Designer Nathon Kong

Even for those of us who are able to get by working online from home are stuck looking at the same four walls all day and everyday. People are designed to solve problems and to be surprised, even in small ways. Variation is important for mental health, even variation is as routine as going to work. This is why some people have found a way to cope with the COVID-19 quarantine by exercising or getting a house pet.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Taking Care of Mental Health During COVID-19 | Designer Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong works closely with artists who have a mental health trouble through our collaboration with Les Impatients, donating 10% of profits to Les Impatient to give back to the community and support the cause of mental health.

Les Impatients Art Therapy | Nathon Kong

As Nathon Kong expressed during an interview with CTV, it is okay not to be okay. We should all be able to accept others when they are having mental health difficulties and to accept ourselves when we need help. Everyone, today more than ever, have experienced moments of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. We can all relate to these feelings.

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The reason why we incorporate the artworks of artists struggling with mental health is so our customers can form a meaningful relationship with what they wear through the story the art expresses. 

Breathable Blue Silk Face Mask Made in Quebec | Designer Nathon Kong

In these unprecedented times, it is important to talk with our coworkers, our friends, and family members about mental health and ask them how they are doing. If you need help, reach out to your friends, family, or whoever you feel comfortable with and talk to them about your experiences. 
Below you will find a list of resources available in Quebec you can contact if you need help.
  • Info-Social 811

  • Québec telephone crisis lines

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