4 Events where You Should Wear a Silk Pocket Square

Mulberry silk pocket squares are not the sort of fashion accessory many men wear often. Pocket squares are usually worn with suits to very formal events, and it's a good plan to learn when you should wear a pocket square.

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Be sure to read our article on how to wear a silk pocket square with a suit if you would like to learn how to incorporate pocket squares with your outfit for formal events.

1. Weddings

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Weddings do not happen often and call for wearing a very formal dress code. No blazer is complete without a pocket square. For this special event, a silk pocket square is especially appropriate. 

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2. Job Interviews

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Depending on the job you are being interview for, such as with a law firm, bank, or major company, you may have already decided to wear a suit and tie to this event. A pocket square adds extra flair to your suits and shows you are taking the job seriously.

3. Work

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This is probably a pretty normal event you have in your everyday life. If you work for a law firm, bank, or major company, or your job requires you to meet customers or wear a suit and tie, you should also be wearing a pocket square.

4. Funerals

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It is appropriate to wear a pocket square to a funeral, but remember funeral events call for a solemn, sophisticated style. You should aim to be formal and respectful. You may want to wear a black suit with a simple monochrome pocket square (usually white) folded in a simple straight edge.

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Basically, any event you would wear a blazer or suit to, you should also wear a pocket square as a compliment to your suit.

Read our article here on how to fold a silk pocket square and get inspired with different ways of wearing pocket squares.

Wear Art in Your Pocket

Men's Silk Pocket Square Supporting Mental Health | Designer Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong creates silk fashion accessories with a purpose. Each fashion accessory is made of 100% mulberry silk, the finest material in the world, and incorporates the artwork of an artist with a mental health trouble. 10% of the profits made from the sale of these art pieces are donated to Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that offers therapeutic art classes to people with a mental health difficulty.

Our customers form an emotional connection to the artworks they wear, expressing the story of an artist's journey to mental health recovery.

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Silk pocket squares are made in limited edition and are shipped in unique gifts boxes with a certificate of authenticity detailing the art piece's edition number and the story of the artist who created the artwork.
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