3 Silk Pocket Square Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

No accessory in men's fashion shows style like a silk pocket square. Consider getting one of these pocket squares with unique designs as a gift for a stylish man this Christmas.

Where to Buy Men's Silk Pocket Squares Online | Nathon Kong

Silk Pocket Square Art By Francois Ducas

Blue Silk Designer Pocket Square Made in Montreal | Nathon KongThis blue silk pocket square goes well with many suits and makes a great Christmas gift idea for men. The pocket square incorporates the artwork of a guitar by Francois Ducas. Ducas's often explores themes of punk and rebellion in his art.

Silk Pocket Square Art By Bill Market

Green Tuxedo Silk Pocket Square Made in Canada | Nathon Kong
A multicolored men's silk pocket square that incorporates Christmas colors like red and green can make for a unique gift idea for men. The geometric artwork is by Bill Market. William (Bill) Market spent over 40 years in a mental institution before finally being released at the age of 65. His artwork reminds one of the western Canadian landscape, representing the power of nature and freedom.

Silk Pocket Square Art By Sergio Larenas

Pink Silk Pocket Square for Men | Nathon Kong
This pink silk pocket square features the art of Sergio Larenas. Larenas was born in Chile. He creates fractured and unsymmetrical artworks with his favorite colours like red and yellow.

Perfectly Matching Silk Fashion Accessories | Christmas Gift Bundles

Match Silk Fashion Accessories with Abstract Designs | Nathon Kong

Many of our designer silk pocket squares incorporates artwork featured on other silk fashion accessories for men. Discover ideas from our collection of matching silk fashion accessories and Christmas gift bundles here.

Tell a Story with what you Wear

Nathon Kong creates clothing you can connect to emotionally by telling a story through art. We collaborate with Les Impatients, a non profit organization that supports people with a mental health difficulty through therapeutic art programs. Each silk pocket square incorporates art by one of these artists expressing their journey to mental health recovery.

Unique Artworks for Silk Fashion Accessories | Nathon Kong
Silk pocket squares are made in limited edition (only 100 of each design). Each comes in a unique gift box and a certificate of authenticity detailing the accessory's edition number and the story of the artist who created the artwork.
Where to Buy Men's Silk Pocket Squares Online | Nathon Kong

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