Mental Health is Fragile | Nadia Saputo and Stefano Musacchio Share Their Story

As a mother of three, my main purpose is to ensure my children's well being. As parents we nurture, we support, we love and we protect. We try our best to promote good physical and mental health by the environment we create in our homes.

Mental health is fragile and illness can often be disguised and go undetected. Please pay attention to your child's demeanor, encourage dialogue, and be patient. I am a mom whose child has suffered with his mental health. My son Stefano overcame and has learned to cope and heal; he continues to encourage his peers through their darker moments. #proudmama

Statistically, one in five youth have a diagnosed mental health condition. It's time to bring this to the forefront. Together we can reduce the stigma.

- Nadia Saputo @nadiasaputo

Nadia Saputo wears Yellow Silk Face Mask with Geometric Styles | Nathon Kong

Nadia Saputo visits Art Therapy Center in Montreal, Les Impatients

Sports are a huge part of my daily life. My physical fitness and body health are primordial to me. As a young hockey player my size depicted all my plays in the game. An agile and big boy, I was the designated hitter and the targeted hitee, which undoubtedly brought on injury. Suffering three major concussions due to hockey, there was no choice but for me to quit the game I love. It was a difficult decision, but is was the only one.

It is researched that a head injury can cause feelings of sadness, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and irritation. This happened to me. My personality change was severe; I didn’t recognize myself.

I overcame darkness by seeking help professionally, talking to my loved ones, and by taking care of my body physically. I AM NOT ASHAMED TO TALK ABOUT IT. I encourage all my peers to speak up! Mental health affects everyone in different ways.

- Stefano Musacchio @stefmusacchio

Stefano wears Nathon Kong Blue Silk Face Mask Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

Stefano Musacchio at Montreal Art Therapy Center, Les Impatients

A covered mouth alludes to being silenced. This is a mask that encourages speaking up. Mental health is an issue that touches upon each of us. No one is immune. Many suffer in silence.

Purple Silk Face Mask with Artistic Designs | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Silk Face Mask with Geometric Patterns

#MindfulArtxMentalWellness highlights purposeful works of art from artists/patients at Les Impatients. Every piece tells the story of an artist struggling with mental health issues. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Les Impatients.

Nathon Kong is a fashion brand with a purpose: to raise awareness for mental health through artistic expression.

 Where to Buy Reusable Handmade Silk Face Masks Online | Nathon Kong

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