Is Mulberry Silk the Best Silk for Your Scarf?

You only want the best for your fashion, so you'll only want the best silk for your silk scarfThe problem is, there are so many different kinds of silks used to make silk scarves and you don't know which is best. While it is a matter of personal preference, as with all things in fashion, this post will explain why we think mulberry silk is the best silk for silk scarves.

Where to Buy Mulberry Silk Scarves with Art Prints Online | Nathon Kong

The Highest Quality Silk

Maroon Silk Scarf with Watercolour Prints | Designer Nathon Kong 100% Mulberry Silk Scarf in Quebec

Mulberry silk is widely considered as the highest quality silk you can wear. Part of its high quality status comes from how silk is made.

How to Make Mulberry Silk | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

White Silk (Photo by Rumana S on Unsplash)

The process in making mulberry silk is long, involving the rearing of silk worms, feeding them a strict diet of mulberry leaves, and harvesting the cocoons they spin. But the result is a silk unlike any other. The fibres of the silk are long and uniform, creating a material that is smooth and durable.

Why is Mulberry Silk Used for Scarves?

Basic Black & White Silk Scarf with Sober Prints | Designer Nathon KongMen & Women's Extra Long Silk Scarves with Exclusive Designs

Given its popularity, you might imagine that there are many reasons why mulberry silk is used for scarvesMulberry silk has many of the best qualities that gives scarves a luxury look.

Basic Maroon Silk Scarf with Suits in Montreal | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong100% Mulberry Silk Scarf in Canada

The weight of silk gives the scarf a vaporous look when draped over the shoulders. Mulberry silk also works well for scarves that have colourful, artistic designs because of how the material shines. Finally, the fabric has the best durability of luxury materials, making it a great option for making any sort of clothing.

The Finest Materials for Silk Scarves

100% Mulberry Silk Scarf in Black & White Designed in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Designer Silk Scarves Inspired by Art

Nathon Kong makes scarves, neckties, and face masks from the highest quality materials, such as mulberry silk. But each article is more than clothing. They are art pieces that tell the story of an artist's journey to mental health recovery.

Les Impatients | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Les Impatients Workshop

All the art pieces incorporated with Nathon Kong's clothing are created by members of Les Impatients. Les Impatients is a nonprofit organization that supports patients with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art programs. Nathon Kong collaborates closely with Les Impatients and donates 10% of its proceeds to Les Impatients so they can continue to support these artists.

Green Mulberry Silk Bow Tie & Matching Silk Face Mask | Nathon Kong

Unique Silk Bow Ties & Face Masks

Each art piece is created in very limited edition and comes in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the piece's edition number and the story of the artist.

Where to Buy Mulberry Silk Scarves with Suits Online | Nathon Kong

10% of your purchases are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting mental health

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