The Best Outfits to Wear to a Christmas Party

'Tis the season to be jolly.

Hopefully, you will be able to attend some Christmas parties this holiday season. While you may be excited to be seeing people again, you are now going to have to figure out what you should wear to these parties.

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What do you wear to a Christmas party

If you're having trouble figuring out what is in fashion or what you should wear, we're going to break down the different kinds of Christmas party trends and provide some ideas for outfits you can wear.

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Fun Christmas Party Themes

Christmas Party Ideas | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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Like tree ornaments, Christmas parties come in many shapes and colours.

Most Christmas parties with family and friends will be casual. This is the easiest party to dress for, since you can wear almost anything. We will break down different ideas for outfits below.

Christmas Party Themes | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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You may be going to a Christmas party where you don't know everyone. In these cases, it's best to dress semi-formally, even if you're told the party is going to be casual. You wouldn't want to make the wrong impression.

Sometimes you go to a Christmas party where most of the attendance don't really know each other. For these gatherings, you want to dress in a formal outfit.

Silk Bow Ties in Green | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Bow ties fit most Christmas party themes

Related to formal Christmas parties is the corporate Christmas party. Parties happening at your place of work can go either way. It will depend a lot on the kind of company you work for and the context of the party. For some companies, you already dress formally for your work, so it might be a good idea to stay in a formal outfit for the Christmas party.

You may also want to dress formally for Christmas parties taking place at a hall or restaurant. Even if you work for a small or casual company, or you are told the party will be casual, you should still at least wear a semi formal outfit.

Best Accessories to Wear During Christmas Parties

When creating a Christmas party outfit that is interesting, one must think about the fashion accessories they are going to wear.

Luxury Ties in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Even at formal parties, wearing the right tie can add Christmas colour to your outfit

Wearing accessories can be easy ways to add Christmas colours or designs to your outfit, regardless of what the level of formality is.

The best example may be with formal Christmas parties and ties. Wearing a necktie or bow tie with something like Christmas tree patterns can be nice way to add the holidays to your outfit.

Patterned Bow Tie in Green | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Patterned bow ties add holiday spirit to your Christmas outfit

Men and women may also consider wearing a silk scarf with their Christmas outfit. Scarves are classic winter accessories that fit with the holiday season. Silk scarves are lightweight fashion accessories, making them comfortable for indoor parties.

The best silk scarves have festive designs that don't only come in one colour. This makes the accessory interesting and appropriate to wear for Christmas party outfits.

Silk Christmas Scarf Exclusive Design | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Many silk scarves have multiple holiday colours

What Colors do You Wear for Christmas Parties?

What are Colours to Wear for Christmas | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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You probably already know that red, green, and white are the colours to wear for Christmas. Other great choices would be metallic colours like silver and gold. But how should you incorporate them with your Christmas party outfit?

For a lot of casual or semi-formal Christmas parties, you can really have fun with these colours in your outfit. Maybe you would want to wear all these colours.

Women may want to wear a dress of a solid colour that's either completely red, white, or green to their Christmas work parties. You may even decide to get a dress decorated with silver and gold trim.

What Dress Should You Wear to a Christmas Party | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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Men can combine some of these colours with what shirts and pants they wear for their outfit, like a red shirt with dark green pants or a white shirt with light red pants.

No matter what kind of outfit you wear, you can always consider wearing clothing that has some sort of Christmas design. The classic Christmas sweater comes to mind.

Men's Ugly & Funny Christmas Sweaters | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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If the party is going to be the sort of formal party you wear a suit and tie to, you can still add a bit more Christmas to your outfit through the colour and design of your accessories.

Christmas is about being together with loved ones, and Christmas parties are great opportunities where you catch up with friends and family and share your stories with them.

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