6 Tips to Improve Your Style Sense

If you want to get into the style game, improving your dress sense may seem impossible if you lack a 'natural fashion sense.'

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The truth is there isn't anything 'natural' about having a sense of style. Some people may develop a sharp sense of fashion without much effort for different reasons, but you can also improve your sense of style consciously and deliberate.

Here are a few tips to get you well on your way to improving your sense of style.

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1. Understand What People Wear to Different Occasions

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Every occasion calls for a different style.

There are loads of posts on the internet that explain what you should wear to different occasions (several on our blog, conveniently :)). Reading these can have great improvements on your style sense.

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Learning when to wear the right fashion style at the right time is the first step to improving your fashion sense.

When you understand what you should wear to one occasion, you can start to understand what you might wear for similar occasions.

When you read our post on, say, what to wear to a wedding, you will also understand what you would wear to a formal party.

Knowing of just a handful of occasions when you should wear a suit can improve your sense of style by giving you ideas for other occasions when it might be best to wear a suit.

Of course, you can also find guides breaking down different styles of dressing, like our guide to men's business casual attire, to further improve your sense of style.

2. Understand How You Wear Accessories

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Every accessory adds something different to your outfit.

A big part to improving your style is wearing accessories well. Understanding what an accessory adds to your outfit helps you improve your fashion sense.

Try to pay special attention to how and what accessories people wear with their outfits so you can improve your sense of style.

For example, you may notice that neckties are worn only with suits or for occasions that are in any way formal, while silk scarves might be worn for any occasion or with any outfit that's somewhat flat.

There are a lot of different ways of wearing a silk scarf.

You can also read some of our guides on how to wear different accessories below or on our blog.

3. Find Inspiration

The best tip we can give for improving your sense of style is to expose yourself to fashion. We aren't saying you have to surround yourself with fashion, either.

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 To improve style sense, you have to look at more fashion

Subscribing to a fashion magazine, following a fashion channel on instagram or YouTube, or even just checking publications like GQ and or LaPresse fashion every once and a while informs you of trends happening in style and presents you with outfits people find fashionable. All of this goes towards improving your style sense.

4. Look at What People Wear Around You

Fashion magazines can be incredibly powerful sources of information to improve your style sense. But not everything will seem accessible or relevant to you.

The beautiful outfits and costumes you see may help you understand how different colours and fabrics can work together, but they don't actually show you many practical outfits you can wear in your day to day life.

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That is why following fashion publications coupled with paying closer attention to what is worn around you can be so powerful in improving your sense of style. You apply what you see in fashion publications to the outfits of everyday life and begin to deconstruct what works about an outfit.

As you look at what people are wearing around you, pay especial attention to which outfits you find appealing and to which don't do it for you. Try to understand why that might be. Thinking critically about style this way is an important step to improving your sense of style.

5. Copy Styles You Like

How to Get More Style | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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If you see an outfit that really inspires you, then it would probably be good for your style sense to copy it. Actually trying outfits improves your fashion sense as you see first hand what works for you.

6. Develop Your Own Sense of Style

The ultimate goal of all these tips is to eventual improve enough to develop your own 'rules' of style.

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You may have noticed that we avoided give specific and concrete instructions like 'wear these colours' or 'wear this kind of watch with this type of suit.' Style sense isn't about memorizing rules of fashion. It is having an instinct for what clothes work together and wearing an outfit that best expresses who you are.

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