Creating a Business with a Purpose by Nathon Kong

70% of employees feel disengaged in their work. 17% of employees actively disengage from their work. Finding your purpose is a life long, individual process, but there are correlations. Many people find purpose in helping others through creating a business.

Fashion Designer Nathon Kong Talks About Entrepreneurship

Nathon Kong is an avid speaker on the topic of running a business. He is often invited to give talks on his story of becoming a fashion designer and the purpose behind his brand. Here are just a few of the organizations Nathon has been honored to share his story on.

How do You Pick the Right Degree to Study | TedxTalks

It was such a surprise and pleasure to talk on TedxTalks at John Abbott College in Saint-Anne de Bellevue. Here, Nathon discusses the question "what do you want to do with your life" and shares his experience of finding his purpose and starting his business.

What does it Mean to be an Entrepreneur | The Drive Presented by Toyota

Nathon had the pleasure of speaking on The Drive presented by Toyota. Here, Nathon discussed the importance of giving back, what inspired him to become a bespoke tailor, his purpose for creating clothing with a story, and how innovation can take multiple forms.

Raising Awareness for Mental Health during COVID-19: CTV News

Where to Buy Breathable Silk Face Masks Made in Montreal Online | Nathon Kong

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nathon Kong used his training in microbiology to create silk face masks that combine the best protection with fashion and art. We were honoured to have CTV come to our office and talk to Nathon about business and his purpose to remove the stigma surrounding mental health by creating these face masks.

How do you Develop Motivation: Youth Fusion

It was a pleasure for Nathon to appear on Youth Fusion for an interview with Gabriel Bran Lopez. For this talk, Nathon discussed the importance of knowing why you are doing what you are doing in order to persevere through difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Manage Your Business During COVID-19: The Telfer MBA Alumni Association Speaker Series

The Telfer MBA Alumni Association Speaker Series | Designer Nathon Kong

Nathon was honoured to join Canadian entrepreneurs for a panel discussion hosted by the Telfer School of Management. Here, Nathon and other entrepreneurs like Stephen Beckta and Amanda Bélanger discussed the challenge of managing their business during a crisis like COVID-19.

Mental Health and Entrepreneurship: Futurpreneur Canada Trailblazers

Futurpreneur Canada Trailblazer Talk on Mental Health and Entrepreneurship | Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong had the pleasure of joining Canadian entrepreneurs for a talk hosted by Futurpreneur Canada. The talk focused on how to manage your mental health while running a business and the rewards and challenges entrepreneurs face when creating a brand.

The Journey of Creating a Business: Chamber of Commerce du Montréal MetropolitanTalks About Business during COVID-19 | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

It was an honour for Nathon to speak at Chamber of Commerce du Montréal Metropolitian alongside other Montreal entrepreneurs like Myriam Belzile-Maguire, the founder of Maguire Boutique and Frédérik Guérin, the president and Chief Executive Officer of Club Tissus to talk about the formation of his business and the importance of creating something of value for his customers and the local community.

Creating a Brand with a Purpose

Pink Silk Fashion Accessories Supporting Mental Health | Nathon Kong

Nathon stresses a core belief about entrepreneurship again in again in all his talks. That one's business should have a purpose. A mission. For Nathon, his mission is to create suits and silk fashion accessories his customers can connect to emotionally and feel special wearing through the story told in each unique art piece.

Nathon also believes it is important for a business to give back to the community, which is why Nathon Kong donates 10% of its profits to Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that supports artists with a mental health trouble through therapeutic art programs.

Les Impatients Artwork Supporting Mental Health | Designer Nathon Kong

Each limited edition silk fashion accessory comes in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the story of the artist who created the artwork.

Discover the collection of limited edition silk fashion accessories.

10% of your purchases are donated to support mental health.

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