2 Suit Wearing Mistakes You're Probably Making

Do you think you're wearing your custom suit well?

Think again.

There are a lot of common activities and practices you probably do that damages your suit. Knowing what they are can allow your suit to look better and last longer. Here are 2 mistakes you should never make when wearing a custom suit.

Listen to Your Fashion Designer

You should ask your suit designer about the best way of taking care of your suit. Nathon Kong encourages wearing clothing for as long as you can and practices that can make suits last longer. When you make a suit with Nathon Kong, be sure to ask him about suit care and he will be happy to give you advice.

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1. Not Starching Your Shirt.

The shirt you wear with a custom suit can be extremely important. You don't want everyone paying attention solely to the wrinkles in your shirt.

But since you are wearing a custom suit, you clearly do want to show your best self. In this case, it may be best to starch your dress shirts when you iron them. Starching keeps the fabric of the shirt shift, making the shirt look like you just bought it.

2. Using the Pockets of Your Suit.

Men's Silk Pocket Square | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Aside for the occasional pocket square, you should avoid using the pockets of your custom suit.

Custom suits are designed to fit you closely, the pockets often laying along your body. They aren't designed to be loose and baggy like regular pockets. Using the pockets can stretch them out and ruin the overall fitting of the suit.

A Well-Fitting Suit is Our Priority

Nathon Kong's goal is to make you a custom suit that you feel confident in. Perfect fit is important to that feeling, but an emotional connection to what you wear can also inspire confidence.

Custom Tailored Suits for Men | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

A custom suit with an illustration of mental health healing.

Art pieces by Nathon Kong incorporate an illustration by a participant of a non-profit organization, Les Impatients. Les Impatients supports people with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art classes.

Each exclusive Nathon Kong art piece represents a participants journey to mental health recovery. Nathon Kong donates 10% of all proceeds to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support their participants. When you wear Nathon Kong, you wear a story and show support for mental wellness.

Tailored Made Suit with Custom Yellow Lining | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

10% of all proceeds from exclusive artwork are donated to Les Impatients.

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