What to do Coming Out of Isolation?

After almost two years of lockdown, Quebec and Montreal are beginning to lift restrictions for gatherings. People are beginning to return to restaurants, galas and parties, and work.

One of the most frequently asked questions Nathon has been answering lately during appointments with his clients is what should they do now that offices are opening. What should you wear returning from isolation?

We are going to explain some of his advice here.

Continue to Take Precautions

Remember that the pandemic is still ongoing, and precautions should be taken whenever possible. The two big actions to consider is social distancing and masks.

You should continue to wear a mask in public spaces. If you prefer, you can also wear a mask in a private space. Most hosts will be okay with it.

Blue Face Mask with Designs | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Wear a protective face mask to gatherings and public spaces. 

If you are hosting a private event, you should also feel comfortable asking your guests to wear a mask should you want them to.

Be Ready to Meet People Again

Some may be feeling anxious to come out of isolation, especially with regard to their wardrobe.

If you are planning an event, consider keeping the guests lists small to start with.

You may also want to talk with your guests about the level of formality you expect for the gathering. A small gathering with friends isn't going to need you to dress up like you are meeting work associates or meeting a partner's family for the first time.

Bespoke Vest for Wedding | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Use what you know about an upcoming gathering to help you decide what to wear. 

If you are attending the party, you should also be considering what the gathering is (a dinner, a celebration?) and who is going to be there (close family, distant family, or coworkers?) when deciding how to dress.

Prepare What You Are Going to Wear

For many people, it has been a long time since they've had to wear something nice for work or for a party. You have a few choices when deciding what you want to wear coming out of isolation.

Go through your good clothes and see what you have. Try on your suits and make sure they still fit. If not, try to see if you can get them adjusted. Nathon Kong is happy to adjust the suits he's made for his clients so long as the adjustments aren't too extreme.

Designer for Suit with Custom Lining | Fashion Designer Nathon

Looking through your wardrobe also gives you a good idea of what you have. You can prepare outfits ahead of time and see what you might be missing for different occasions. Maybe now that isolation is no longer mandatory, your brother is having his wedding in two months and you're missing a necktie to go with your suit.

But maybe you want to come out of isolation with a completely new outfit. Whatever your needs may be, Nathon Kong can help you design a suit outfit that you are satisfied with. Each suit is made uniquely to best fit not only you, but your lifestyle.

Bespoke Suit for Men | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

 Come out of isolation with a new suit.

The lining of each suit also comes with a unique artwork by a participant of Les Impatients, which tells their story of mental health recovery. Les Impatients is a non-profit organization that supports people with mental health troubles through therapeutic art classes.

Nathon donates 10% of proceeds from the sale of the suit to Les Impatients. When you wear Nathon Kong, you are supporting a local community while telling the story of the artist as well as your own.

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